School Artwork

The Thayer County Fair Board would like to once again invite you to bring the artwork of the students in K-6 to the Thayer County Fair this year. The fair is August 10-13. As in the past, we will have designated times that the artwork can be dropped off and picked up so we can make sure there is someone there, that the people we have putting them up have time to get them up before the fair, and that they have time to get them taken down after the fair and ready for pickup. Pick up and drop off will be in the small room on the south side of the activity building. There will be tables set up for you to place the artwork on.

Artwork Drop Off:

  • Drop off is Friday, August 5th from 3-5 PM

Artwork Pick Up:

  • Pick-up is Monday, August 15th from 3-5 PM.

We would like the artwork to be placed in a horizontal position so they fit easier and we can get more on a screen. You do not need to have any holes punched as in the past, we found it was easier to staple them when hanging.

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Stengel 402-768-1123 or email

Thank you,

Thayer County Fair Board